Monday, August 22, 2005

Man, has it been THAT long???

YIKES - two months?? ...and THEN some, huh...Sorry 'bout that. Had a rough summer, but I think I'm getting a handle on things, so I should be blogging more now. :-)

Finally making some progress in my knitting - have my tank over half done, and have my daughter's dress almost half done. I've set them both aside tonite, because I have to knit up something for the person I'm assigned to as a Secret Pal - I've been HORRENDOUSLY amiss. HOWEVER...the person who has me FOR a Secret Pal is an amazingly thoughtful, sweet, wonderful lady! She sends great emails, cheerful letters & cards, and Hello Kitty pencils - she ROCKS!!!

In Fact - I got an AMAZING package from her today....OOOOOOOHBOY...Lessee - it contained: TWO skeins of 100% Merino from Knitpicks in "Redwood" colorway...FOUR skeins of BAMBOO yarn, YIPPEEEEE!! I've wanted to try Bamboo forEVER - and these yarns are both in sock weight. She also sent a set of US 1 DPN's, a square of really cool soap, and a strip of Maple Sugar Candy - MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!

The candy is gone already, natch. ;-)

Oh, plus, she sent me two really COOL sock patterns...I can't WAIT to learn this!!!

THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!! You're FAR too good to me. :-) I can't wait till I find out who you really are, then I can send YOU stuff!!

My husband gave me the coolest birthday present, you've just gotta see these:

Rosewood Knitting Needles - size 8 through 17!!! My hubby is SO cool - I'm gonna get him a t-shirt that is sold at my LYS that says, "I work so she can knit."


Okay, that's all for tonite - I will continue my updating in a day or so!!!