Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death crept in on little knitted sock feet...

When we got home late last night from Boston, I my mailbox. EEEEEEEK!!

I started to open the package, gingerly...

...and then...


Here's a close-up of one of the weapons, & the raw material:

Isn't it PURTY?? :)

My Assassin is the BEST - she also sent me UK Chocolate!! She's in England, BTW...but I forgot to take a pic of the KitKat, as I tucked it right in the fridge - it was in the 90's here yesterday, and the package sat in the mailbox all day!

Now, I must go package up my target's socks and mail them to my Assassin's Assassin - Funnily enough, MY Assassin just got knocked off, herself - and HER assassin is in Saudi Arabia. :-) I get to mail my socks to SA so they can be finished and mailed to AZ! I finished the first sock, and did the cuff on the 2nd sock - but then, life got in the way, as it often does. :) NO matter, I had a BLAST, and will do it again next year! I'm already signed up for Glove Wars in September. :)

Moving right along!

From Tuesday, May 19, 2009:

I have finished Sock #1, and started the cuff on #2:
I'll post pics of the finished sock later on - I think they're Purty, and I hope my Target likes them! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Time: Morning
Day: Sunday, the 17th of May
Status: Just finished Pattern Repeat #2 of 3 on first Barcelona Sock. Pattern going smoothly, some cou
nting is necessary, but not outrageous. Food & Drink readily available, child & husband still able to amuse themselves and if not, each other. Looking Good so far!

Pictures taken approx. 7:30am Eastern Standard.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pause for Sustenance

I'm taking a quick breakfast break from knitting; I thank you for your encouragement & good wishes!! I'm cookin' along on my sock - chose Barcelona, and come to find out, so did my Assassin! Out of three, we both picked the same, and that amuses me...of course, mine isn't going to my assassin, MY target is in Arizona...but still, I'm amused. :) I can't wait to see what kind of yarn I'll be getting! I mean, I CAN wait - and I hope to get at least one kill under my belt by the time I meet my Sockerly Doom.

Just scanning the TV listings since Boo asked to watch some this morning...and after much laughter & discussion & me mis-reading the listings, Edwin declares that he wants to watch what's on MY TV Schedule: 'Breakfast Parades' on the Travel Channel ("Breakfast Paradise"), and then 'Wild Wild West Tech' on the History Channel ("Wild West Tech"). :) I need new glasses.

Off to knit some more - then we'll go see Star Trek as a family - THEN I'm going to audition for a friend's movie this afternoon. It's a small, YouTube production, but he's got a degree in filmmaking, and he's actually quite talented at it. Wish me luck here, too!

I shall leave you with a shot of Ma Boy yesterday afternoon - he was very happy to have me home after a long, lonely Friday:

Yes, he often lays like that in my arms - Edwin says Murph Loves Me...I hope so! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's On Now!

The War is officially ON - and I don't know when I'll get back here to update, so this is it for now: I am officially a participant in Sock Wars IV, and am still deciding between the three patterns issued by our Supreme Commander. They're all so pretty!!! I think I'm going to choose between Air Raid and Barcelona....Insidious looks pretty, but I'm not comfy with cables yet. :) Have a great Friday, and I'll post again when I've got the FIRST sock done. Yep, I will!

Remember Sock Wars III?

(Originally written January 26, 2009)

You may remember, back in May of the past year, I became involved in a knitting competition/swap called "Sock Wars III". I finished my socks and mailed them off to my "target", and that was the last I heard. Oh, she got them, and loved them - Yay! However, I never got MY socks. I contacted the 2nd organizer - because the first organizer? She decided that a month later she'd declare a winner by asking folks to send her postcards - and the first one she got would win the competition. She also refused to answer emails, and seemed to wash her hands of the whole thing. The yarn company "Southwest Trading Company" was a co-sponsor, and they really picked up the slack. They were AMAZING, and really tried to be available for any & all emails, etc. I asked the 2nd organizer (not the SWTC people yet, but a woman who took up the email lists) if I could get a pair of socks from those who had volunteered to knit for those who had been flaked out on. I was told that they were done knitting, and that was that. Of course, if I WANTED them to, they could ask around till they found someone willing to knit me some socks.

No, thanks - don't put yourself out.

So, I ended up with a bad taste in my mouth, and cold feet. Cut to last week, when I saw a post on Ravelry about SWIII, and an exhortation from Jonelle at SWTC to "Get ready for Sock Wars IV!!". I emailed her, and told her I was very happy that SWTC was now fully sponsoring the competition, however, I was not going to participate because I'd never gotten any socks out of the last one. She asked for my sock size and address, assuring me that she had 70 pair at the warehouse for JUST THIS occurrance. I was intrigued, and gave her the info.

Look what I got in the mail on Saturday!

...with this note:

They. Are. BEAUTIFUL. And they FIT!!

I love 'em. I also love Jonelle and Southwest Trading Company, and recommend them to ANYONE interested in a beautiful, quality product and excellent customer service. Go! Find and buy and KNIT/Craft with the stuff!