Friday, January 19, 2007

Later on 1/09/07

Boo & I are okay. The knitting needle is drying. It may or may not be usable, but I'll try. It's a needle, and while it's a special one, it's still a thing, and Boo & I have had our talk about this. She needs to pay more attention to what she's doing...and hopefully, she won't get hurt before she actually DOES start paying attention. It's a growth spurt plus overloaded brain circuits - and since this isn't likely to change soon, she needs to learn how to deal with it.

YARGH (written on 1/9/07)

My daughter is not paying attention to her surroundings lately. Walking over things/creatures. Falling down onto things she shouldn't sit on - plates of food, etc...kicking people she's walking by...accidentally, but she's NOT PAYING ATTENTION, and it's getting rampant. It's also getting me VERY, Very angry.

The latest - her overreaching for something - which we've talked about. She tries to correct her balance WAY too late, and falls on something.


Which now looks like This:


She's fine.

I'm not.

I'm going to try to glue them with my elmer's Craft Bond. Anyone think that'll work?

What day IS it??

I'm in a quiet-ish mood today. Headachey...partly the weather I'm sure, partly this damn cold that's hanging on. Edwin has offered to come home early from work and do my afternoon Dialysis run, and by golly, even though I'm NOT on death's door, he hasn't offered this kind of thing before, and I'm going to take him up on it. *Turns out Edwin is stuck at work solving a DSL issue, and there's no way he'd get home in time to pick my brother up for me. Sigh. It was a nice thought. I will stop at the grocery store too, as we do need a few things...but man, I just want to COLLAPSE.** I DID put out the garbage (in the rain) because we cleaned so much yesterday that the garbage can is FULL...and it's a bit taller than I am, so that's an idea how much we need it picked up. :)

Now that I've finished Edwin's socks (thank you all so much, btw, for the compliments!), I'm working on: My sister's socks, Savanah's socks, a scarf for my daughter's Sensei, scarf for the dojo's secretary, hat for the owner of the dojo, and a scarf for Edwin. I have to start a pair of socks for my SIL...then, who KNOWS what!

Here's the scarf for Edwin, I know I wrote about it in here a little while back. The pattern is called "Danica", and it's a style called Entrelac. Entrelac is a knitting technique used to create a textured diamond pattern. While the end result resembles basket-woven strips of knitted fabric, the actual material comprises interconnected squares on two different orientations. It's a lot easier than it looks, and now that I've had someone else in my SnB sit & watch me do it to confirm that I actually AM interpreting the instructions correctly, I feel better about it.

I need to go season my tea (no need to "fix" it, because as Edwin loves to point out, it's not broken. Yah.), and then Boo needs to play. With me. :) Later, folks!


THAT is a load off my mind!

Yes, they're DONE!!

Yes, I FINISHED!! I finished the 2nd sock IN the car, sitting in front of the Cousins' house, about one minute after we arrived at the party. :) I took it in to Edwin, and he put on BOTH of his brandy new socks. He says he loves them - and that makes me very happy!

NOW...just have to finish the socks for: My sister, my friend's Granddaughter, Myself, My SIL, and my daughter. :)

Almost There!!

I am SO CLOSE, I can almost TASTE it.

...well, not Taste, exactly. Not Socks. I mean, ewwww...

But, Look!

All of us are feeling pretty good these days...I might have mentioned that Boo had a fever a week ago today, and I got her right on the Zicam. She's feeling better, and Edwin started on it just in case. Two days ago, I felt a cold sore starting on my lip, and worried what it could herald. Sure 'nuff, last night I got hoarse again, stuffy head, headache, etc. I rested last night instead of staying up as usual, and feel a bit better today. Still doing the liquids, rest, vitamins and Zicam, and I'm optimistic for the outcome.

Sunday Edwin sings in the concert the choir is putting on at our church; his parents say they're coming to hear him. That would be WONDERFUL, truly! They're also bringing a telescope they're gifting to us - it was theirs, but they don't ever use it, and we'd LOVE's got a computer tracking system, n'EVERYTHING. :) I just have to figure out where to put it for now. Yah. Is my house clean for my inlaws? No. Will it be by Sunday? No. I'm buying material for quick room-dividing curtains for the doorways into my Library, which right now, is full of STUFF. I will clean out a corner in my front hall for the 'scope, since it will be going outside more than it stays in, so the nearer the egress, the better, I think.

Tomorrow is the Little Christmas party for my husband's family...his mother's side, specifically. Any of my favs near Hyde Park? Boo is VERY excited about seeing her cousins's been easily two years, and possibly three, since they've all been together, so I have to make sure our camera is charged & ready, and right now I'm clearing off the memory stick for Boo's camera so she can be ready, too.

Okay, I'm done - 315 pictures later (yes, that's right), we're laughing so hard we're crying. Boo has some HYSTERICAL pictures on this card, and some really nice ones, too. The funny ones will come LATER, but here's a few of the good ones to tide ye over:

Okay, two funny ones:

...Guess who one of HER favorite people is?? ;)

Yes, I'm exhausted. I will finish the sock tho, and some laundry...and then go to sleep. Talk to you anon, and I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Feed the Birds...Tuppence a bag

I'm not a huge fan of Mary Poppins, but I do love Julie Andrews...and that song is my favorite from "Mary Poppins". Today, Boo & I will go feed the ducks & geese at a park one town over from us; we've got crusts and stale bread & stale popcorn bits to throw...I just wish I had galoshes for us both, for our shoes.

The pictures in my last entry were from my Stitch & Bitch's meeting at a yarn store - I only WISH those pics were from My stash, but I'm sure my husband is glad they're not. :) Isn't the yarn Beautiful? I enjoy meeting in that yarn store, even when I can't afford anything.

Here are some candid shots of our SnB last night:

The "Lady Detective Hat" is a pattern my friend C is working on, with that beautiful yarn - it's from the book Knit 2 Together, by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark...VERY cool book, and I'll get a shot of the pattern with the pic of the hat next time I see C.

My latest obsession - btw - is...THIS:

Doctor'>">Doctor Who - Sigh. :)

Jumping all around here today...have a headache now. I feel worthless again. Yes, still have my meds. Money is still screwed up. I'm an idiot, I thought I shipped something out at Christmastime, only to find it in my CAR when I cleaned it out yesterday. Needless to say, I'm going to the post office today to send something out to Michigan, with my UTMOST apologies.

Oobi calls...I must answer the call. I am a Zombie for Oobi. :) Later, all.

Comfort Food For the Eyes

...otherwise known as "Yarn Pron".

Then this...this is COOL. Check it out.

The Ball:

The Knitted Hat-in-Progress:

VERY cool.

Went to Stitch & Bitch tonite (in a yarn shop) was okay. I feel down, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped. I came home early to watch "Mythbusters" with my family, and that was nice. :)

Edwin has put down the Air Mattress, and our futon on top of that - so the three of us are trying something new tonite! Usually our futon goes on top of a foam mattress, but Edwin's back doesn't like that he sleeps on other cushions, next to the futon. Tonite we try the three of us together again, with more support. Crossing fingers!

Edwin's 2nd sock is almost to the toe - it HAS to be done for Saturday, which is his maternal side's Christmas Party. "Little Christmas" is what they celebrate, as close to Epiphany as possible - most of the family is of mainly Ukrainian descent, and they prefer the Orthodox calendar. It's always a lot of fun, and Boo will get to see cousins she hasn't seen in years. We haven't been able to go the last two years, due to weather and health, both of them ill. This year - We're really looking forward to it. I have to make a few dishes to take (don't HAVE to, but want to), and Edwin's PAIR of socks MUST be finished.

ON that note....sleep now...knit tomorrow. :)