Friday, January 19, 2007

Almost There!!

I am SO CLOSE, I can almost TASTE it.

...well, not Taste, exactly. Not Socks. I mean, ewwww...

But, Look!

All of us are feeling pretty good these days...I might have mentioned that Boo had a fever a week ago today, and I got her right on the Zicam. She's feeling better, and Edwin started on it just in case. Two days ago, I felt a cold sore starting on my lip, and worried what it could herald. Sure 'nuff, last night I got hoarse again, stuffy head, headache, etc. I rested last night instead of staying up as usual, and feel a bit better today. Still doing the liquids, rest, vitamins and Zicam, and I'm optimistic for the outcome.

Sunday Edwin sings in the concert the choir is putting on at our church; his parents say they're coming to hear him. That would be WONDERFUL, truly! They're also bringing a telescope they're gifting to us - it was theirs, but they don't ever use it, and we'd LOVE's got a computer tracking system, n'EVERYTHING. :) I just have to figure out where to put it for now. Yah. Is my house clean for my inlaws? No. Will it be by Sunday? No. I'm buying material for quick room-dividing curtains for the doorways into my Library, which right now, is full of STUFF. I will clean out a corner in my front hall for the 'scope, since it will be going outside more than it stays in, so the nearer the egress, the better, I think.

Tomorrow is the Little Christmas party for my husband's family...his mother's side, specifically. Any of my favs near Hyde Park? Boo is VERY excited about seeing her cousins's been easily two years, and possibly three, since they've all been together, so I have to make sure our camera is charged & ready, and right now I'm clearing off the memory stick for Boo's camera so she can be ready, too.

Okay, I'm done - 315 pictures later (yes, that's right), we're laughing so hard we're crying. Boo has some HYSTERICAL pictures on this card, and some really nice ones, too. The funny ones will come LATER, but here's a few of the good ones to tide ye over:

Okay, two funny ones:

...Guess who one of HER favorite people is?? ;)

Yes, I'm exhausted. I will finish the sock tho, and some laundry...and then go to sleep. Talk to you anon, and I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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