Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, I'm finally back, and I've got pictures for ye! First off are Boo's finished socks. She really warmed my heart with what she said when I told her they were finished. She stopped playing, and stared for a second - then said, "Can I wear them??" We slapped 'em on immejitley, and she was VERY happy & proud. They (mostly) fit, and they feel good on her feet!

Then there was that Tank Top I was making - the "Smartly Shaped Tank":
It came out nicely, but I need to re-seam the shoulders, as they keep falling off MY shoulders.

For Mother's Day, I knitted my mom a bag, and felted it - my FIRST Felted Object! It was the "Sophie" bag from MagKnits:

I think it came out really well, and I'm making more for my MIL, and my sister. Right now, I've got to go work on Berroco's free pattern "Coppelia" for my daughter, for her birthday next week. AAAGHHH!!! I'm going to knit it in the round, because I really don't feel like knitting flat & seaming. Wish me luck!