Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, I'm finally back, and I've got pictures for ye! First off are Boo's finished socks. She really warmed my heart with what she said when I told her they were finished. She stopped playing, and stared for a second - then said, "Can I wear them??" We slapped 'em on immejitley, and she was VERY happy & proud. They (mostly) fit, and they feel good on her feet!

Then there was that Tank Top I was making - the "Smartly Shaped Tank":
It came out nicely, but I need to re-seam the shoulders, as they keep falling off MY shoulders.

For Mother's Day, I knitted my mom a bag, and felted it - my FIRST Felted Object! It was the "Sophie" bag from MagKnits:

I think it came out really well, and I'm making more for my MIL, and my sister. Right now, I've got to go work on Berroco's free pattern "Coppelia" for my daughter, for her birthday next week. AAAGHHH!!! I'm going to knit it in the round, because I really don't feel like knitting flat & seaming. Wish me luck!


Shannon B said...

Hi - just came from YHarlot where I was scouring the comments til I got to yours. When I read that you still nurse your 5-yr old daughter I was just so happy to meet "another one" that I had to come and comment. I love hearing about other extended breastfeeders. My eldest daughter will be 5 at the end of August and she'd nurse as often as I'd let her. To make peace with my husband, we agreed to compromise and get her down to 1 a day. So that's how we start every day, tandem nursing with my youngest, who just turned two. It's so sweet to have that time with them, and especially to see how they relate to each other while nursing - holding each other's hands, smiling at each other, etc. We have been tentatively talking about a total wean after her 5th birthday, but I don't think she's ready. She is a highly sensitive, gifted child, and nursing is an important "point of contact" for her, a safe zone that has been there for her since her birth. You can't just yank that rug out from underneath a child. It's funny how short-term BFers don't get that the nursing bond grows stronger with time, rather than the opposite.

Anyway, long comment just to say "Great to know you're out there!" And nice knitting, by the way. You're lucky Boo will wear the socks you knit for her. Anna thinks socks are a special kind of torture invented by the same sadistic creep who thought up elastic legbands on panties. Did I mention she is sensitive? read, "HIGH maintenance".

Kemma said...

Ooh! I adore your knitting! And I'm doubly impressed that you taught YOURSELF how to do it. AND that you have knit SOCKS, which still taunt me with their cryptic heel-turning mumbo-jumbo.
(and I deleted that other note... the one you wanted on the down-low)

Eleni said...

Had a great time last night. Will you send me the link for the SnB? Thanks!

Julie said...

Claire, I got your commetn about the earflap hat being somewhat nippley (lol)...did you snag the pattern before or after I made the correction? A very important line was omitted! Corrections are in RED. SO sorry about that!!