Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So near, yet so far...

I have this GREAT scarf that I knitted in response to a "commission" from my Brother - he requested it the week after St. Patrick's Day, and it took me WEEKS to find the right colors of yarn. As a result, I found the right colors in TWO different kinds of yarn, and Brother being consulted, the natural fibers were purchased. I found it in TLC and in a Cashmere/Merino blend - and ohhhhhhhhhhh, is that blend nice to work with. :-) I may pick up some TLC and see what it's like knitted up, just for my own edification - but anyway, I finished the scarf, and was so thrilled that I washed it, blocked it, and it wasn't drying. It would've MOLDED first, so I tossed it in the dryer on delicate/barely warm, and that took the edge off. Brother hung it up in his bathroom to finish the job, and he says he LOVES it. :-)

What did I forget to do?

I kept the labels to put in my new knitting journal.
I wrote down how much of each yarn color I needed.
I wove in my ends.
I explained to him how to block.

I didn't take a picture.


Now, although my brother only lives three miles up the road (currently with my parents), I'm bad at following through on things I "should" do. This past Sunday I finally grabbed my Mom's camera and told Brothermine, "I NEED to take a picture of your scarf, please!" He seemed very pleased to bring it out, and showed it to my sister, who reacted in a very gratifying manner. Speechless. :-)

The scarf is in an Irish Flag pattern, and it's knitted lengthwise - I didn't knit & seam the stripes, I knitted (garterstitch, on size 9 bamboo circs, 36" long) the whole thing as one piece. I like the look of the the thing, excepting for the right side/wrong side the striping causes. I think I will try it the next time with knitting the stripes then seaming the whole thing together.

I want to post the picture, but I am hesitant - because my Husband, Brother, Sister, and Mother all think I could sell these scarves for some appreciable dinero. !!! I'm not sure - but I have to believe that they're not all just saying this because I'm the little sister/youngest daughter/Best Friend, but because they really think the scarf is handsome, and marketable. Sister & Brother think I should take an ad out in the back of one of the East Coast Irish newspapers (the Echo or similar) and offer just this one pattern. I'm thinking a wide version and a narrow version - and they both think I should have a supply built up before I put the ad out, since they say I will get a HUGE response!

Understandably, I'm interested - and a little hesitant. It's not a "get rich quick" scheme, but a legitimate business opportunity - but I guess I tend to sabotage myself before I can get stuff like this off the ground.

So, what do y'all think? Should I go for this? Should I post the picture? I don't want anyone else to snag this idea before I get a chance, but how much of a possibility/risk IS there, really? Oh, I'm torn.

Opinions, please?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This will be my first post here at It's About Time with WORDS in it, aiiiiieeeeee!! HOLD me back.


Welcome to my newest blog - I will attempt to talk about my knitting here, of which there is usually enough to keep me busy. At the moment I have just finished my first prayer shawl, and I'm working on a lap robe for a friend. Edwin (my DH) says I'm not to knit anything for anyone else until I knit MYSELF something - dear man! I love him - now, to procure some money for the yarn for my present to m'self. Ah, therein lies the rub. :)

In February, I knitted a Gryffindor Scarf for my sister's birthday - it came out nicely, although I did it in Red Heart, since I didn't really know my yarns when I started the project!!

And no, the above is not my Sister, it's my Model. :-)

Time for a walk to the polling place, I will blog again soon!