Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Specifics

I felt It wouldn't be fair to leave y'all with just a picture of The Stash in it's entirety - I need to explain, give you specifics with pictures. So, without Further Ado, may I present -

The Sum of the Parts:

First - The Stash:

The boxes behind, on the couch, were what most of it was in...okay, SOME of it.

The bags & rubbermaid tubs in the background was where SOME of this was stored. BTW, that's a Queen-sized bed covered in yarn. :D

Now, the specifics - On the couch, we have:

Y'all know what THAT is, right? ;-) Yep - mostly Lion Brand Homespun - soft as the dickens, but can be a PITA to knit with. Still, I do love it. That was back there, plus some Bernat Boucle - nice stuff, Acrylic like the LBH, but not as bad with weaving in of ends, etc.

On the back of the bed, we have most of my "Novelty Yarn" - the Lion Brand Fun Fur (and "Festive Fur"), and my Bernat Boa & Bernat Disco - both of the latter, free gifts.

In the middle of the next pic is my Malabrigo:

Ooooooooooh...Malabrigo....I just LOVE my Malabrigo!

Here's some of my cotton:

I use Cotton for washcloths, trying out new stitches, etc...

This is some of my sock yarn - the italian sock yarn was gifted to me last Christmas at our SnB Gift Swap - I look forward to using it for myself, perhaps, this year!

More sock yarn, this time, my Opal:

Opal = The Sock Yarn that other sock yarns want to be when they grow up.

Next, my Berocco Cotton Twist - bitch n'a half to knit with, but beautiful to look at and sooooo soft to touch:

My darlin' Cinderella's ( Cookie Monster Yarn!

C is for Cookie, and he's MY HERO.

...I only still have it because it hasn't told me what it wants to be yet....but I'm thinking, either a wild scarf, or a nifty felted bag/hat; stay tuned on that.

...And just to prove I'm NOT a Fiber Snob, here's my yarn made out of teflon. No, really:

It's got a different name, but I researched it, and it's the stuff they make Teflon with. :D's waaaaay soft.

I even have Red Heart - but they make a coupla super soft varieties now, and they really ARE soft - I used one to make a balaclava for my BIL last year, and he loves it!

I got rid of a Garbage Bag full of yarn, and this is what's left:

I also have two bags of antique fingering weight wool from my dear OA, but I didn't want to lay that out and chance the cat taking a liking to it.

Like he did to The Stash.



He sniffed...








Then gave me the, "What?!?" look when I yelled at him - he'd started to CHEW - and Momma was having NONE of that.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NY Sheep & Wool, part 2

As tight as the budget was on Saturday, I still planned to get a thing or two to take home with us, and I'm happy with what I got. I'm debating trying to learn to spin with a drop spindle, so maybe next year, a drop spindle will come home with me. ;)

I also wanted to purchase some Jacob Roving (from Jacob Sheep), for my friend Cinderella to spin for me...but decided that I have to concentrate on my Commission Knitting before I can play with something special for myself. :)

Here's what I got on Saturay, then!

HandSpun, Hand-Dyed yarn, made of 75% Kid Mohair & 25% wool. SOOO nice!

Toys for my daughter - a Felted ball, and two fingerpuppets:

Then, Hubs & I each got a pair of Alpaca gloves - my SnB friend C got a pair, and that put the bug in my head - so I had to get a pair, too - I've always wanted a pair, and like C, don't think I'd ever make myself a pair. So, here they are!

Lastly, I got myself some cute earrings:

My other SnB friend J talked about wanting to bring home a Llama, or a Alpaca - she's not the only one!! I fell in love with These two fellas:

(that one above is the side view of THIS gorgeous face:)

So - that, really, is a quick summary of my Saturday - I saw Tons of other bloggers, of course - but I was too gobsmacked by the whole kit & kaboodle to take any more pictures than I did - and the Llamas truly seemed so calm, I was ABLE to photograph them with no trouble. :)

Now, time for Holiday knitting - I will post pics of that as I get them. Oh, but I DO have a picture of my husband's First Sock:

Lorna's Laces Fingering weight, Colorway "Aslan". Don't you LOVE it? He does, and that's ALL that matters! :-)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Stash & Rhinebeck

Fall, already? Yeesh...I guess the saying is true - "Life is what happens when you make other plans." Well, "Life" sure has been happening around here, but I've managed to keep getting up every day, and getting myself & the wee one fed, clothed, and basically occupied. :)

I was challenged by a friend to "Flash my Stash", so I did...and here's the proof. (That's a queen-sized bed it's all laid out on, btw - and some on the couch behind, too!)

I also ended up visiting the NY Sheep & Wool festival, and met up with several of my knitting pals -
It was truly great fun, and I look forward to NEXT year, when hopefully I won't be quite so overwhelmed!