Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Specifics

I felt It wouldn't be fair to leave y'all with just a picture of The Stash in it's entirety - I need to explain, give you specifics with pictures. So, without Further Ado, may I present -

The Sum of the Parts:

First - The Stash:

The boxes behind, on the couch, were what most of it was in...okay, SOME of it.

The bags & rubbermaid tubs in the background was where SOME of this was stored. BTW, that's a Queen-sized bed covered in yarn. :D

Now, the specifics - On the couch, we have:

Y'all know what THAT is, right? ;-) Yep - mostly Lion Brand Homespun - soft as the dickens, but can be a PITA to knit with. Still, I do love it. That was back there, plus some Bernat Boucle - nice stuff, Acrylic like the LBH, but not as bad with weaving in of ends, etc.

On the back of the bed, we have most of my "Novelty Yarn" - the Lion Brand Fun Fur (and "Festive Fur"), and my Bernat Boa & Bernat Disco - both of the latter, free gifts.

In the middle of the next pic is my Malabrigo:

Ooooooooooh...Malabrigo....I just LOVE my Malabrigo!

Here's some of my cotton:

I use Cotton for washcloths, trying out new stitches, etc...

This is some of my sock yarn - the italian sock yarn was gifted to me last Christmas at our SnB Gift Swap - I look forward to using it for myself, perhaps, this year!

More sock yarn, this time, my Opal:

Opal = The Sock Yarn that other sock yarns want to be when they grow up.

Next, my Berocco Cotton Twist - bitch n'a half to knit with, but beautiful to look at and sooooo soft to touch:

My darlin' Cinderella's ( Cookie Monster Yarn!

C is for Cookie, and he's MY HERO.

...I only still have it because it hasn't told me what it wants to be yet....but I'm thinking, either a wild scarf, or a nifty felted bag/hat; stay tuned on that.

...And just to prove I'm NOT a Fiber Snob, here's my yarn made out of teflon. No, really:

It's got a different name, but I researched it, and it's the stuff they make Teflon with. :D's waaaaay soft.

I even have Red Heart - but they make a coupla super soft varieties now, and they really ARE soft - I used one to make a balaclava for my BIL last year, and he loves it!

I got rid of a Garbage Bag full of yarn, and this is what's left:

I also have two bags of antique fingering weight wool from my dear OA, but I didn't want to lay that out and chance the cat taking a liking to it.

Like he did to The Stash.



He sniffed...








Then gave me the, "What?!?" look when I yelled at him - he'd started to CHEW - and Momma was having NONE of that.



handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

Hey you! Thanks for the comments. Can you believe the rats won't wear their socks? How to you get your pic to come up with your comments? I can't even figure out how to post a pic with my profile.

Beatrix Underwood said...

*Holy Cow* That's Salada Tea!