Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pause for Sustenance

I'm taking a quick breakfast break from knitting; I thank you for your encouragement & good wishes!! I'm cookin' along on my sock - chose Barcelona, and come to find out, so did my Assassin! Out of three, we both picked the same, and that amuses me...of course, mine isn't going to my assassin, MY target is in Arizona...but still, I'm amused. :) I can't wait to see what kind of yarn I'll be getting! I mean, I CAN wait - and I hope to get at least one kill under my belt by the time I meet my Sockerly Doom.

Just scanning the TV listings since Boo asked to watch some this morning...and after much laughter & discussion & me mis-reading the listings, Edwin declares that he wants to watch what's on MY TV Schedule: 'Breakfast Parades' on the Travel Channel ("Breakfast Paradise"), and then 'Wild Wild West Tech' on the History Channel ("Wild West Tech"). :) I need new glasses.

Off to knit some more - then we'll go see Star Trek as a family - THEN I'm going to audition for a friend's movie this afternoon. It's a small, YouTube production, but he's got a degree in filmmaking, and he's actually quite talented at it. Wish me luck here, too!

I shall leave you with a shot of Ma Boy yesterday afternoon - he was very happy to have me home after a long, lonely Friday:

Yes, he often lays like that in my arms - Edwin says Murph Loves Me...I hope so! :)

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