Thursday, April 20, 2006

YAY, I'm going to see Ms. Pearl-McPhee!!

YAHOOO! I decided, "Dammit, I'm GOING to see this woman speak, one way or t'other!" . So I looked at the tour schedule...and called my friend Priss-cilla. ;-) She's a knitter, but not a blogger...yet. YET! We had planned for Saturday, but that won't work at this point - and now, we're doing Friday night in Grafton, MA. WOOHOO!! It'll be tight, as I can't leave here before 4pm...and we need to be an hour & a half away by 6pm, driving THROUGH dinner-hour traffic. But - BUT - we're gonna do it!

Of course, it WOULD be nice to have $$ to spend on yarn, or say, Stephanie's BOOK, but hey...just being able to attend with my knitting and my friend will be a blast. :-)

Thanks to all the cool bloggers who commisserated, and gave me ideas - I still may use some of 'em! ;-)

Oh, by the way - over the winter, I made the "Happy Hat" that I found online...but somehow, it came out my daughter appropriated it. Then, she wrapped herself in her blanket, and put the hat on...and became "The (Lion Brand) Homespun Monster":

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