Monday, February 19, 2007

Bitter Cold Monday

Here's Edwin's Balaclava:

The eye opening/slit wasn't quite lined up in this shot, but you get the general idea. :) I'm using my Denise needles for this, and here's what it looks like on the needles:

I'm at the point now where I'll start decreasing & shaping for the crown...and I'm supposed to have size 8 US Double-Pointed needles. I don't, tho - I only have 7's. I now have to figure out if I need to knit MORE rows/stitches, or what, to make it work. My brain seems muddled, so I'm having a hard time figuring it out before I start with the needles. Transferring it from circ's to DPN's won't be hard, and it's neccessary because the Circular needles are too big around to knit down through the decreases on the crown. I need to knit down to about 4 stitches, and then pull closed, like a drawstring bag closing...then I'll secure & weave in the yarn end. Can't get that small with a circular needle, you really need the dpn's. Eh, I'll figure it out somehow.
Time to go get my brother from Dialysis...then I guess I'll hit A.C. Moore - I wanted to do it the other way around, but between reading to my daughter and her refusing to get dressed, the time has drizzled away.
Later, y'all. :)

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