Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally Finished!

They are FINISHED, and she loves them. :) YAHooo!! The "she" is my sister - and she is really the ideal sock giftee. She LOVES them...wears them out...and tells everyone she knows/sees/meets that she's wearing handknit socks from her baby sister. :) She's sent a few commissions my way for felted bags, scarves, hats - not socks yet, which is okay; those are hard to do for someone I'm not close to.

I've signed up for Sock Wars III, which makes me laugh- I mean, c'mon...It took me from November 2007 till MARCH 25, 2008 to finish these! Granted, that's not my standard turnaround time...but It'll be fun, no matter.

I am going to start practicing my knitting-while-walking; I'm intending to do a 3-day Walk for Breast Cancer this October, and I want to be able to knit while I walk. What else? Probably a sock! :)

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Rebecca said...

Nice! So happy she loves them :)

I have a terrible habit of knitting ONE sock and one sock only. I'm trying to teach myself how t knit 2 at once but it demands far more concentration than I can muster right now :P