Friday, March 21, 2008

Wouldn't you know...

This is the pair of socks I've been working on for my sister C since December. Originally, they were to be a Christmas present; then when they weren't done, they were to be a birthday (February) present.
Well, they still weren't my new deadline is Easter dinner on Sunday - 5pm. Yep. Day after tomorrow. I've got one finished, and am at the heel on the 2nd.
Actually, I was past the heel, working merrily along through the gussets...when I realized that I had completely forgotten to Turn. The. Heel.
SO I ripped back, and will be turning the heel, THEN moving along the sock. The one I finished? I need to pick the toe apart and rip back to the toe's an INCH too short. Yes, I DO want them done for Easter, and NO, I won't give myself any slack. Why? Because I signed up for Sock Wars III this year, that's why! :) I need to UP my SPEED and get a better chance in the competition. I'm excited! I DO love socks, I don't know why I can't get them done in a timely fashion. After these, I plan on a pair for my daughter, and then for my husband. ALL before the Sock War starts in May!
Pray for me. ;)

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