Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Girding my loins...so to speak.

On May 9th, I will be a willing participant - I should really use the term "combatant" - in a war. On that day, I will become an assasin...and a target. I will be presented with my dossier containing the information I need to accurately eliminate my subject. I have selected my weapons with care, and have been acclimating myself to their heft & style. I will be doing all of this with the knowledge that someone else will be doing exactly the same, only with ME as their intended victim. In the end, after all, there can be only one.

Plus, I'll get a cool pair of socks when I'm "dead"!

Some of you are most likely scratching your heads in consternation about now...wondering WTF am I nattering on about.

Why, knitting, of course. What else? I am entered in Sock Wars III: "the original and bloodiest death-by-knitting tournament."

From the website: "Sock Wars III kicks off on 9th May 2008 and will run until only one blood-soaked champion remains. Over 1,000 knitters around the world have already signed up - are you brave enough to do battle with them til the death?
If you ARE brave enough sign up to do battle you will be emailed a top secret assassination dossier on 9th May 2008. This file contains the details of your target and an exclusive, never-been-published-before knitting pattern with which assassinate them.To kill your target you must knit them a pair of socks in the pattern (your "weapon") and mail it to them. Once your target receives your parcel they are dead and must post their death on the website.They must also send you details of their intended target (who becomes your next person to assassinate) along with their unfinished knitting (which becomes your new weapon).All the while this is going on, someone has been assigned YOU as their target!Prepare to live in fear... kill or be killed!"
...What?? Don't look at me like that, it sounds like fun! Admit it! :)

Okay, so I'm not a very fast sock knitter. I'll probably get killed in the first round - but I will try my darndest to survive at least long enough to finish my target's socks! I may not post very much for those few first days - we shall see. ;) I may ask my long-suffering husband to post updates for me, but whether he will or not is yet to be seen. Depends on if he feels like humoring me or not that day. I certainly hope he's up to child-wrangling for a few days!!

There's a wonderful crafter at Starknits who has sewn up some WONDERFUL sock knitting bags, and she's currently running a contest to win one with a "Sock Wars" label on it! Later on this week, for folks who aren't involved in Sock Wars but still love the sock bags, she'll be making them available in her Etsy shop, Star Knits Crafts. Check them out, they're really cute!

On a slightly unrelated note, I've got two friends who are both Yarn Dyers, and are going to try to work up a "Breast Cancer Support" colorway for me, to be used in my Fundraising 3 Day Walk socks. I mentioned these in my last entry, I'm going to knit them while I walk the 60 miles, and then they'll be auctioned off. I may run the auction before the walk, I haven't decided yet. :) Please visit my Personal Page at The 3 Day website,

Help me reach my goal for the Washington, DC Breast Cancer 3-Day!

and please donate if you can at all afford it - this disease has touched many of us, and we can make a difference! Let's show folks that knitters can do great things when we put our minds to it. :)


The WoolWytch said...

Sock assassination via the USPS... sounds like silly fun.

Allena said...

thanks for the comments i've entered you in the "pot" 3 times!

i think that's really cool you'll be doing the walk!