Friday, May 09, 2008

Sock War III Update

I'm about 14 hours into The War, and still haven't recieved my dossier yet. Grrrr...I'm not the only one, by far, but I'm thinking - and again, I'm not the only one - that a knitting tournament that has over 1000 knitters is really too much for ONE WOMAN and two email accounts to manage.

What with family & life, I have only now managed to cast on for my first sock; it was pointed out on the Ravelry group for SW that I really only need my "target's" sock size for the length of the foot. Thus, I can cast on and knit through the heel & gussets...that is, as long as I don't get killed first.

I'll check in when I get another chance; tomorrow morning it's work, and then some more knitting. I go see my Mom for mother's day tomorrow rather than Sunday, because I'm supposedly going to get a day where I don't have to do anything or go anywhere...after church, that that means, I go to Mom's tomorrow instead. I wanted to do this - for once, I've stood up for myself and what I wanted to do with my family. I'm nervous, but I think it'll be okay!

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