Friday, April 13, 2007

Must. Start. Spring. Knitting!!

Or, perhaps that should be, "Must. Finish. Winter. Knitting..."?

Let's see, what's OTN right now...(On The Needles)

1 Balaclava. Status: Crown Decreases to finish, ends to weave in, to be mailed to Ohio.

1 sock. Status: 2nd sock of pair for my sister, finishing Cuff. Leg, Heel, Body & Toe still to be knit.

1 Entrelac Scarf. Status: Wearable as it stands now, but recipient would like it to be longer ("Knit it until you run out of that yarn"). Can be done.

1 Basketweave Shawl. Status: Mine. Worked on when I'm fed up with everything else. Finished when it's finished, and I'm cool with that.

To Knit: Lightweight scarf (yarn was an issue, is no longer). 2 pair socks (needles were an issue, are no longer).

To Finish: Dress for Boo. All pieces done, just need to be put together.

Commissioned yesterday: Felted Sophie Bag, ASAP. My ASAP isn't the recipient's ASAP, and she's okay with that. She's the one who forgot the birthday in the first place. ;)

Would like to knit: Socks. Socks for myself (warm weather socks). Socks for Boo. Socks. Socks!

ITCHING to knit:

Butterfly Top with Shrug Butterfly Top with Shrug

Toddler Summer Jumper Independence Top


Yeah, I know. I've got it bad. ;)

But it's SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

...pray for me?


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