Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's always something, right?

This is what I'm knitting for myself right now:

This is how it's coming:

I treated myself to some Brittany Birch size 5's to start this project...I really like them!

So, so far so good. Yea, there are some mistakes...but I'm okay with, I found them when I was past the point of frogging - not couldn't but wouldn't. LOL!

Then, I was in JoAnne's today, and found some yarn for the dress I want to make for my daughter. Great, good, she showed me yarn colors she liked, fine. Here's the dress:

So, I get home and get ready to start knitting. Pattern calls for size 10 needles to start, then switch to size 8's. Okay, I think I have one set of 10 1/2's and one of 10's. I've got FOUR sets of 8's - don't ask. ;-) I go to where I keep my needles to get my 10's, and find....TWO SETS OF 10 1/2's. No 10's.

Sigh. So, now I need a pair of 10's. But since I just bought yarn, I feel guilty spending more money...that's just how I am.

Here's the colors Boo picked out:

And, actually, here's Boo herself, modeling the blanket I knitted her from Homespun. It was going to be a lap robe for a dear friend, but she fell asleep under it on a trip once, and she LOVED the color, so I decided this one was hers, and I'd start my friend another one. :-)


coccinelle said...

first, i love the choice of projects u picked for you and your daughter.
second. i love the color of the kiddo's blankie and i love love love her silver sneakers -tell her i said so.
finally, since you are an enabler in the 'keeping the cotton yarn' department (and this may cause havoc with my 'keep the stash down to a low simmer' policy)here is what i have to say about the needles. get them. they are an investment in your craft. once you have them you'll have them and you'll definately be using them again, especially those sizes. also, consider a set like the denise. you can try out my denise tonight if you want... they will save you dollars in the long run.

Jen said...

I linkie to you, you linkie to me? I just made a blog button! I'm so easily amused.

I love the top, love the dress, and the pic of your daughter under the blanket is just TOO precious. Ugh, be still my ovaries!