Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I like to scrounge at my local Goodwill & Salvation Army for sweaters to recycle. You know, unravel, and use the yarn for something else - usually I find a sweater that's got cool yarn potential, but hideous design...or even, good design & good yarn, but not a good match.

I've had varying degrees of success with this, LOL, but here's my latest, and I'm REALLY pleased with it!

<---My daughter's head is graciously making an appearance there... ;-) And here's the TWO strands of yarn I got out of it...

The tag on the garment read "Wool, Cotton & Acrylic" - and it so happened that the funky, uneven, multicolored yarn was the wool, and the solid pink was the cotton/acrylic blend - and that's SO cool! I don't know how to felt yet, or haven't had the urge to experiment, perhaps...so while I think that wool yarn would make a neat felted ... something.... I am holding off for the moment.

Here are some of the balls I got out of it - I actually got quite a lot of yarn from this sweater, it unraveled VERY easily. For Once.

So, I'm still waiting for the inspiration to hit for what to make from this harvest; the sweater was $1, so I definately think I've got my money's worth! I may just cast it on different needles from time to time, and see what comes of it...perhaps the yarn will tell me what it REALLY wants to do. (smile)


coccinelle said...

hey there stitchin sister. there is a recycle reuse repurpose kal run by zibbibo. a lot of people post there finds and fo's and their great ideas for patterns etc. check it out. there is a button on my blog.

Jen said...

OMG wow, the wool yarn is AWESOME! I am so jealous!