Thursday, June 16, 2005


Okay, thank you for your opinions - and those of my fellow Bitchin' Stitchers last night - I'm keeping Full-Contact knitting as my blog title, and I'm gonna be happy with it!!

In other news, I got to the point of needing to M1 in my project last night. Of course, this happened AFTER I got home, so I didn't have anyone to show me the practicals. I mean, I can learn some things from a book, but last night I guess I was getting yarn-overs, not increases w/no holes.

So, I got two books out - and got a M1 I can live with. I'm not sure it is what the pattern calls for, but I'll watch it for a few repeats, and see how it looks.

Anyone have any advice for me?

I wish I was at the point where I could knit & read a book at the same time...but I'm not, so I'll have to set my knitting aside later tonite to read more in my current Homeschooling tome...."Homeschooling Ideas for kids 3-5". It's a GREAT book, but I have to READ IT to get anything from it, LOL. I won't get a chance tomorrow, as Hubs will be going to NYC for work, and it'll just be me & Herself. I'm SURE we'll be busy!!


coccinelle said...

bummer. i remember i did exactly the same thing with my first increases. too bad. we could have whipped you right into shape last night, had we known of your plight.
see you soon.

Heatherly said...

have you checked out the site they have a video for some knitting stitches.
inc1 is kin front and back of same st. i think m1 is between sts, picking up a loop, placing it on left needle and knitting the back leg of the stitch....if that makes any sense at all

Jen said...

Now you just need to update! ;)

coccinelle said...

we missed you this week. hope all is well and that we see you next week: same bat place, same bat channel.
take care,